Swimming Pool Removal

Swimming Pool Removal

All Green Landscapes Ltd specialises in swimming pool removal, filling in and landscaping over.

In the past few years more and more people are choosing to fill in their pools, for either safety or financial reasons. Believe it or not a pool in the garden is not an attraction for a potential buyer.

We get many perspective buyers who call us asking how much it would cost to fill in a pool before they have even bought the property.

We ensure it is done correctly allowing proper drainage and disposal of rubbish. Using a specialised layering technique which ensures drainage and minimal sinkage.

The effects are quite surprising as the garden often looks so much bigger and is definitely more user friendly.

Longfield Pool – After Removal

Longfield Swimming Pool Removal

Longfield Pool – Project Photos (Click to enlarge)

Orwell Pool – After Removal

Orwell Swimming Pool Removal

Orwell Pool – Project Photos (Click to enlarge)

Cambridge Pool – After Removal

Cambridge Swimming Pool Removal

Cambridge Pool – Project Photos (Click to enlarge)

Swimming Pool Removal  – Landscape Gardening in Biggleswade, Sandy, St Neots, Royston, Bedford and surrounding villages.